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(2000ft) 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm Film to Digital or DVD
  • All 8mm & 16mm films are cleaned, and repaired prior to transferring to DVD.
  • Converted to digital using a frame-by frame conversion process.
  • Multiple reels (up to 2000ft) can be combined together to make a single 2hr-3hr DVD.
  • Films are edited to remove blank, unrecognizable, or damaged parts of the film.
  • Generic background music, or music of your choice can be added to any silent 8mm or 16mm film transfer. 
  • All DVDs transfers include a chapter menu for easy browsing of one reel to the next, custom DVD label, and custom case jacket displaying the titles and order of your films.
  • You can sort the specific orders in which your film reels are processed, or request seperate DVDs for certain film reels or groups (Additional costs may apply).

Add Music (DVD Only)

Price: $600.00  Sale price $360.00